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Outdoor IP55 Unidirectional Sound Projector Speaker PS-1510 for 100v PA Audio

Sound projector PS-1510 gives loud and clear sound for BGM and voice notification, it is good for indoor and outdoor PA system with IP55 level. The 5-inch full range speaker with RMS 10W power to unidirection sound projection.
  • Model:ARTONE Sound Projector Speaker PS-1510
  • Power:10W / 5W @ 100V
  • Function:Projection speaker point source, 70v/100v, outdoor speaker IP55

Outdoor IP55 Sound Projector Speaker PS-1510 for 100v PA Audio

ARTONE sound projector PS-1510 is an unidirectional PA speaker for 70V/100V indoor and outdoor commercial audio system. The public address loudspeaker produces a natural sound for background music and speech reproduction.

The projection speaker PS-1510 not only use for interior sound system, also can be used for outdoor application, and rated weather-resistant IP55 level. It adopted strong ABS cabinet and aluminium grille, the 5.25'' full range speaker produce wide frequency range, makes people hear BGM and understand messages loud and clear in public park, bus station or railway terminals, warehouse or factory, parking lots, arcade and corridors, etc.


- Point source sound projector speaker in 70v/100v audio system;

- RMS power 10W/5W;

- Outdoor PA speaker with weather resistant IP55;

- High quality 5.25-inch full range transducer speaker;

- Strong ABS UV-resist plastic cabinet and rust-free bracket;

- Easy installation on wall or ceiling


Model No.: IP55 Sound Projector PA Speaker PS-1510
Power (RMS) 10W / 5W
Line Voltage 70V / 100V
Speaker Driver 5.25'' full range speaker
Protection Level Weather-resistant IP55
Frequency Response 120~16KHz
Sensitivity 92 dB
Finish & Material Black / White, ABS plastic
Measurement Diameter 138 x Length 205 mm
Weight 1.55 kg

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