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Ultra compact 5-inch cube 50W wall speaker professional sound system C-5
Cube Speaker C-5 is a ultra compact 5'' full range speaker for wall mounted professional audio system, it is perfect for music and voice speeches application. The proaudio wall speaker C-5 is contains 5-inch loudspeaker transducer, that having large power at RMS50W with 16 ohm or 8 ohm (option), ARTONE point source speaker C-5 is designed in small and compact MDF cabinet, it produce high quality coherent wave 90-degree directivity ensures uniform coverage with excellent time alignment between the components.
Pro 70V Outdoor Column Speaker PA for Church Sound System TZ-274
TZ-274 is a slimline professional audio column speaker for church sound system,it has adopt 3-inch full range speaker and add 1'' tweeter for best commercial and installed audio. ARTONE loudspeaker TZ-274 and TZ-278 produce high quality sound to both indoor and outdoor,compatible with 70V/100V/4ohm(8 ohm) audio, and apply to worship area (churches, mosques, temples,etc.).It not only give clear and bright sound to audience, also deliver long throw function to farther places. The column speaker TZ-274 is an essential item for set up high quality sound system, the angle is adjustable to change and lead sound directional to desired listening area.
PAP-046 Commercial Audio 4x6 Mini DSP Digital Signal Sound Processor
ARTONE Mini DSP Audio Processor PAP-046 is a compact design powerful sound controller for commercial audio system or small to medium professional sound application. The processor is able to work as a standalone audio device or work with other power amplifiers, AV receivers, preamplifiers, etc
Internet Radio Wifi Receiver Wireless Portable Streaming DAB Audio Player Preamplifier
Internet Radio Wifi Receiver Wireless Portable Streaming DAB Audio Player Preamplifier PAS-1682 allows user to get to favorite tuner stations easily and stable, it provide wifi solution to listen music or other podcast, this will avoid interference of different location, which may have different performance in listening.
11 Steps Relay Control Rectangular 25W Volume Attenuator for 100V Sound System VT-325E
25W volume attenuator VT-325E is high quality wall plate controller for 70v / 100v commercial acoustical system, it has 11-step control for the sound, with relay control, EMC signal can be triggered by DC input to ARTONE audio attenuator or volume controller. The rectangular wall panel shape is stylish for American, EU, Middle East, South-east Asia, Oceania region use for better sound adjustment in the room.
Stadium Prosound System Long Throw High Power Outdoor Wall Mount PA Speaker LT-252
Long throw PA speaker LT-252 for outdoor prosound system, wider, louder and clear of perfect audio performance deliver to stadium, playground, theme park, etc places. Loudspeaker LT-252 adopt high reliable robust cabinet, 5.25'' woofer and 1'' tweeter, with RMS 60W power, give wide dispersion and broad spectrum sound to indoor or outdoor applications.
RS-232 Control 9.5'' Half Rack Mini Desktop 100V Mixer Amplifier PMS-160D
Desktop Mini Mixer Amplifier PMS-160D has built-in USB,TF card, Bluetooth as music source, it is digital amplifier with Class-D type rated power 60W and speaker output at 70V / 100V / 4 ohm.The features protocol RS-232 control for conference or meeting room.2 XLR microphones available for phantom power switch. 9.5'' rack mount can be combined to next PMS-160D to set up another channel mixer amplifier. The half 19'' rackmount amp is welcomed to OEM and ODM cooperation.
Wireless Internet Digital Radio Wifi FM DAB Tuner Media Player PAS-168
Wireless internet DAB+ radio media operator PAS-168 is a versatile audio device for wifi connection of tuner. The audio player able to give thousands of worldwide radio stations, and makes stable working performance, avoid traditional FM radio player signal interference of placement at different location. ARTONE radio tuner media player also include latest Bluetooth for wireless streaming music or podcast.
4 Zone Small PA Mixer Amplifier for Public Address Audio System PMS-E4180
ARTONE slim 4-zone PA mixer amplifier power 120W & 180W, has built-in MP3, FM tuner and Bluetooth,with speaker output 70V/100V/4-16 ohm sound system.There are 3 aux inputs and 2 mic inputs. Four zone volume ATT control for different areas. It is budget audio mixing amplifier for small and medium public address sound system.
60W Ultra Compact 9.5'' Half Rack Mount Mini 100V Digital PA Mixer Amplifier PMS-706D
Small design mixer amplifier in 9.5 inch half rack installation for 100V public address and background music system.The mini amplifier rated power 30W/60W/90W/120W, compatible with AC/DC power supply.Emergency alert allowed with DC trigger or reminder button.
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