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Factory Tour

ARTONE is a professional manufacturer for commercial audio system, public address amplifier, smart home appliance and loudspeakerin China. We have wide range of products. Since we moved workshop and factory to Foshan from Guangzhou (Canton), the factory size has  expanded to 10,000 Square meters. Equipped with advanced machine for production, our production process covers broad procedures, from metal fabricate and plastic extrusion to assembly and packing.

There are more than 300 employees working in factory. Over 8 years of export market exploration, our products have been sold to more than 30 countries and provide professional OEM / ODM service to clients from Europe, Australian, North America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Production Machines and Lines

  • SMT machine, drop test machine, Hi-pot Test, Aging Test Machine, Drilling Machine, CNC Machine, Polish Machine
  • Salt fog test, fireproof test, RoHS test, Extrusion Machine, Anodizing Process, Assembly Lines
  • Wood Fabricate Machine, Engrave/Curve Machine, Silkprint, etc.

Product ranges:

  • Public Address Mixer Amplifier and Power Amplifier (Booster Amplifier)
  • PA Class-D Amplifier
  • MP3 Amplifier, Tuner Amplifier, Bluetooth Amplifier, Matrix Amplifier, Wifi Amplifier, IP Amplifier, Portable Amplifier, Smart Home Amplifier (Multiroom Audio Amplifier)
  • PA Loudspeaker (Ceiling speakers, horn speakers, column speakers, garden speakers, wall speakers, etc)
  • DVD Player, Audio Source, Podium, Microphone & Volume Control
  • Public Address System (Zone selector, audio matrix, amplifier standby, monitoring)
  • Digital IP Network Audio System
  • Emergency Intercom System
  • Digital Voice Evacuation System
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Digital Conference System and Interpretation System
  • Professional Stereo Class-D and Class-H Amplifier
  • Line Array
  • Sound Reinforcement System for Meeting Room
  • Home Audio, Smart Audio System, Sound Bar, Satellite Speaker, Mini Desktop Audio
  • Smart Home Control, RF Switch, Zigbee, Enocean, Bluetooth, Wifi Home Automation device