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Pre Amplifier
Pre amplifier for media player pre-amp pro sound PA system PAS-1510
Multi-media pre amplifier PAS-1510 is a professional sound pre-amp, with built-in player of USB, SD and Bluetooth media player. 4 external audio source inputs are switchable, 1 microphone XLR input for talk, 3 type of audio outputs in RCA, Jack and XLR. It is perfect for commercial audio and professional sound system.
PRE-1102 Public Address Pre-amplifier
1.Pre-amplifier 2.with 10 audio inputs
Dual media player 2CH pre amplifier for pro sound PA system 1U pre-amp PAS-1522
Dual media player with pre amplifier PAS-1522 is a professional 1U rackmount design acoustical device, that combines music and mic together. The built-in SD, USB and Bluetooth can delivers high quality music to the room, 5 inputs selector and 2 independent outputs. It is ideal pre-amp for public address system and studio recording.
Pro sound PA Pre-amp for installed audio system processor PAS-1524
Professional audio pre amplifier with media player, PAS-1524 integrated USB, SD card, FM tuner and Bluetooth, 4 external inputs, 3 XLR microphone and line switch, mic priority setting. It is deal for public address system and commercial audio in buildings, mosque sound, fitness club, gym training applications.
Internet Radio Wifi Receiver Wireless Portable Streaming DAB Audio Player Preamplifier
Internet Radio Wifi Receiver Wireless Portable Streaming DAB Audio Player Preamplifier PAS-1682 allows user to get to favorite tuner stations easily and stable, it provide wifi solution to listen music or other podcast, this will avoid interference of different location, which may have different performance in listening.
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