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Wall Mount Speaker
Wall Mount Speaker for Conference and Meeting PA System BS-241
The wall mount speaker BS-241 is ideal for conference audio system and meeting room sound system. It is high quality 2-way speaker with 20W, 10W,8 ohm power taps. It is fashion speaker also adopted in restaurants, cafe bars, brand stores for where dynamic background music is needed.
70V Small PA Wall Mount Satellite Speaker BS-120
Compact design 70V/100V wall mount PA speaker BS-120 is adopt coaxial 4-inch speaker, deliver 20W power of perfect sound, high quality of music or voice speech reproduction. The swivel bracket allows speaker rotatable and adjust direction of sound projection. Public address speaker system BS-120 is compatible to commercial audio in 100v line, and also available in 8 ohm or 16 ohm low impedance for home audio theater speaker system.
Wall Mount Speaker / Array Speaker BS-240
1.Dual 4"woofer and 1"tweeter 2.Input voltage 100 Volt, power tabs at 1/2, 1/4 power or 4Ω
Wall Mount Speaker BS-243
1.Dual 4" woofer and 1" tweeter 2.Input voltage 8Ω or 100 Volt
Wall Mount Speaker BS-420
1.One 4" woofer and 1"tweeter 2.Input voltage 8Ω or 100 Volt
wall mount speaker BS-540
1.5" woofer & 1"tweeter 2,70V, 100V, 8Ω switch
Wall Mount Speaker BS-542
1,5" woofer and dual 2" tweeters 2,Input voltage 8Ω or 100 Volt
Wall Mount Speaker BS-610
1,6"woofer and 1" tweeters 2,Input voltage 100 Volt
Wall mount Speaker BS-1420 BS-1530 BS-1640
1.4’’+1’’ (BS-1420) / 5’’+1’’ speaker (BS-1530) / 6’’+1’’ speaker (BS-1640) 2,Input voltage 100 Volt and power tabs of 1/2, 1/4 power or 8Ω
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