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Audio Processor
Professional DSP Audio Matrix Processing Mixer 16x16 ARTONE Sound System PAP1616
ARTONE Professional Audio Matrix Mixer Processor PAP-1616. This series of matrix audio processor is adopt power DSP tech to proceed microphone or line input and audio outputs, it is capable of matrix of 8x8, 16x8 and 16x16 for different application. Plenty of audio parameter adjustments, noise gate, feedback, filter, limiter, delay, mixer, etc. Remote wall keypad connects to processor for easily control. It is perfect to have best sound for gym sound, restaurant music, cafe shop or stage show sound system.
Mini Professional Audio DSP Processor PAP-024 Small Digital Signal Mixer 2in 4out
ARTONE professional audio mini DSP processor PAP-024 is a 2-in and 4-out sound system device, adjust input and output equalizer, delay, noise gate, limiter, cross-over and other sound effects. It is designed in super small size and ultra compact that can be set on desktop or rackmountable in 19-inch cabinet.
Best Loudspeaker Management 4-in 8-out Processor China DSP Manufacturer & Factory for Pro Audio
High quality loudspeaker management DSP processor PAP-480 is 4/8 digital sound signal distributor and matrix, ARTONE china factory makes intuitive interface software to control the gate noise, delay, limiter, in/out level, 16 band PEQ and audio filter. It gives perfect performance 8 XLR outputs to power amplifiers or active speakers.
Most competitive China PA loudspeaker management 2/4 in 4/8 out DSP pro digital audio processor
Digital audio processor is widely used in many sound system, ARTONE DSP processor supply a complete range of audio signal processing devices, include 2-in / 4-out, 4-in / 6-out, 4-in / 8-out, 8-in / 8-out or 16-in / 16-out processor for different audio demands, mini and compact size DSP processor, 1U rack-mount DSP or audio matrix allows noise gate, crossover, gain level, multi-channel control to the acoustical system.
PAP-046 Commercial Audio 4x6 Mini DSP Digital Signal Sound Processor
ARTONE Mini DSP Audio Processor PAP-046 is a compact design powerful sound controller for commercial audio system or small to medium professional sound application. The processor is able to work as a standalone audio device or work with other power amplifiers, AV receivers, preamplifiers, etc
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