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MP3 USB Amplifier
 PMS-A1080 series MP3 Mixer Amplifier with USB
1,Built-in MP3,USB, FM tuner and 3 external AUX inputs as audio sources 2,slim design commercial mixer amplifier
PMS-A5080A 5 Zone 80w-240w Mixer Amplifier with USB FM
5 Zone 80w-240w Mixer Amplifier with USB FM
T-206 / T-212 mp3 usb mixer amplifier
1.Built-in USB, SD card, FM tuner and Bluetooth 2.Wireless microphone
Economy Mixer Amplifier with USB/ FM Tuner PMS-E1060 PMS-E1120 PMS-E1180
Economy design, built-in USB, FM tuner and 3 external AUX inputs as audio sources;Power RMS 60W, 120W and 180W;4-16 ohm, 70V, 100V speaker output;Mic1-2, AUX1-3, MP3, treble, bass, and master volume control;High cost-effective for budget audio projects;Shortcircuit, over heat, over load protection;AC 220-240V power supply;Remote controller
Small Mixer Amplifier with USB/SD/FM Tuner/Bluetooth & DC24V PMS-130D
Small and compact design, built-in USB,SD,FM tuner, Bluetooth and 2 external AUX inputs as audio sources; Pure copper transformer drives strong power RMS 30W, max power at 100W;4-16 ohm, 70V, 100V speaker output;Treble, bass, inputs and master volume control; High quality copper transformer ensures best sound performance;Shortcircuit, over heat, over load protection; AC 220-240V / 110-120V and DC24V input power supply;Remote controller
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