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Choosing the Right 4 Channel Amplifier for Speaker Sound System

Date: 2022-07-27   Clicked: 3301

A Guide to ARTONE 4CH Amplifiers and Different Applications for The Speaker Systems.

The 4 channel amplifiers mainly means it connects at least 4 speakers in a sound system, or the speakers are often used in 1-4 zone/channel with independent control. When people choose these amps, it can be quite different for different purpose of applications.

Although our clients are professional at this field, most of whom, understand the use and functions realized for their projects and works. We find it still necessary to summarize and give an overall introduction here, that may help people interested in ARTONE products and expand business with us.

Because we serve hundreds of customers around world, specialize in OEM/ODM business to major brands too, normally face different requirements for R&D of acoustic items. There are some different 4CH amplifiers that related, and good to apply to various venues or places.

Introducing 4-channel / 4-zone power amplifiers and mixer amplifiers

70V/100V Power Amplifier 4CH Amp PPA-4120 / PPA-4240 

4 Zone Public Address 70V/100V Mixer Amplifier PMS-E4120

PA Matrix Mixer Amplifier PMX-4120

Public Address Matrix Amplifier PMX-460

Mini 4CH 100W Amplifier PD-410D

1U Height Class-D Professional Power Amplifier PD-4200

Large Power 4 Channel Prosound Power Amplifier FP-10000Q

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