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ARTONE CD DVD Bluetooth Mixer Audio Amplifier PMS-5120CD PMS-5240CD

Date: 2017-10-14   Clicked: 4938

5 zone mixer amplifier ARTONE audio PMS-5120CD and PMS-5240CD, is a versatile commercial audio system, which built-in 120W and 240W amplifier and CD, MP3, tuner, Bluetooth audio sources. Independent ON / OFF switches for 5 separated zone. 2 AUX inputs and 3 MIC 6.3 Jacks. Chime button able to set reminder before paging or speak. Siren warning sound also integrated for emergency notification. The microphones have echo effect and sound level is adjustable.

To find the details of product ARTONE mixing amplifier PMS-5120CD and PMS-5240CD, please see link here http://ampspk.com/product-detail/pms-5240cd-five-zone-pa-mixer-amplifier-with-cd-mp3-tuner-and-bluetooth/

ARTONE 5 Zone Mixer Amplifier with CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, FM tuner and Bluetooth, 2 aux and 3 mics with echo.


•  Built-in USB,SD,FM tuner, Bluetooth and 2 external AUX inputs as audio sources, audio sources switchable from each other;

•  Strong power RMS 120W / 240W, max power at 200W / 300W;

•  5 zone independent switches;

•  4-16 ohm, 70V, 100V speaker output;

•  Treble, bass, mic, microphone echo effect and master volume control

•  High quality copper transformer ensures best sound performance;

•  Reminder melody chime button and EVAC button;

•  LED indicator, Shortcircuit, over heat, over load protection;

•  Remote controller for CD/MP3/Tuner/Bluetooth player

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