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Pre amplifier for media player pre-amp pro sound PA system PAS-1510

Multi-media pre amplifier PAS-1510 is a professional sound pre-amp, with built-in player of USB, SD and Bluetooth media player. 4 external audio source inputs are switchable, 1 microphone XLR input for talk, 3 type of audio outputs in RCA, Jack and XLR. It is perfect for commercial audio and professional sound system.
  • Model:PAS-1510
  • Power:N/A
  • Function:Pre Amplifier, USB, SD, Bluetooth, XLR Mic, Balanced Output

Pre amplifier with MP3 Bluetooth media player for pro sound PA system PAS-1510

The pre-amp PAS-1510 is electronic amplifier that converts week electrical signal into an output signal stronger to be noise tolerate and strong enough for further processing, or sending signal to power amplifier and loudspeaker.
It is necessary device in the professional sound system, the pre amplifier PAS-1510 can process signal or eliminate noise and distortion tremendously. 

For ARTONE pre amplifier PAS-1510 is more advance than normal commercial audio pre-amps, it is standard 1U rackmountable design pro audio device, has integrated media player with USB, SD and Bluetooth for basic and easy music demands. More convenient operation can be realized by quality potentiometer, switch different inputs among 4 external audio sources and built-in media player.

There's an universal XLR jack for microphone input, it is compatible with many mic plugs in exist. Different tone control for microphone and music, high tone and low tone can be adjusted freely to get best performance.

3 means of output in balanced and unbalanced, RCA / Jack 6.3 / XLR are available for output quality audio signal.


  • - Rackmount 1U design pre-amp;
  • - Built-in media player, include USB, SD and Bluetooth;
  • - High quality audio MP3, wav, flac, wma, ape;
  • - 4 external source input together with media player switchable on front;
  • - Supreme universal XLR input for Microphone, compatible with different type of mic plug;
  • - Master volume control, high tone and low tone control for music and microphone;
  • - Output in RCA, Jack and XLR type;
  • - 110V or 220V power supply switch, best for different region application.  


The pre amplifier PAS-1510 is good for commercial audio or pro sound system, where quality show or music is required, use with ARTONE mixer or power amplifier will be best choice for complete architectural acoustic design or small/big party and outdoor tournament, etc.

It is also good for providing quality background music for restaurants, cafe bar, luxury shop, further to bigger hall like church house, mosque area or hotel lobby, conference room and public train station for temporary public address purpose.


Model No. Multi-media Pre Amplifier PAS-1510
Built-in Player USB / SD / Bluetooth 5.0
Format Availability & Storage MP3, wav, wma, flac, ape / max 64GB
Audio Inputs
4 RCA external source inputs
Frequency Response 20~20KHz
Tone Control Treble ±12dB / Bass ±12dB
S/N Ratio 80 dB
Distortion < 0.1%
Mic / Line Input 18 mV 600 ohms / 200 mV 10K ohm
Dimension / Weight 483 x 104 x 44 mm / 1.85 kg

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