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1000W Class H Professional 2 Channel Power Amplifier PRA-2500

2CH amplifier PRA-2200 is 1000W professional designed Class-H amplifier and manufacturing with reverse high quality audio and generates power 500W to each channel, it gives larger power at 700W x 2 when using in 4 ohm system. Complete protection for short-circuit, soft start, limiter, etc. 2CH AMP PRA-2500 is best for small to large scale PA or stage show acoustic system in the mosque, church, conference room, KTV, etc.
  • Model:1000W Professional 2CH Power Amplifier Class-H PRA-2500
  • Power:500w x 2 @ 8 ohm, 700w x 2 @ 4 ohm, 1000W bridged
  • Function:2U height Class-H amplifier, phone jack & XLR input, screw post & speakon output

1000W Class H Professional 2 Channel Power Amplifier PRA-2500

Power amplifier PRA-2500 is professional audio devices to increase the power of signal, and amplify low-power electronic audio signal like pre-amp, audio mixer or some of instruments, pickup the audio line to a level high enough for driving loudspeakers.

Pro sound 2CH amplifier PRA-2500 and PRA-2700 is adopt high efficient Class H technology in design and manufacturing, which reverse high quality audio and generates power 500W / 700W to each channel, it gives larger power at 700W x 2 / 900W x2 when using in 4 ohm system.

Two channel output volume control on front panel, with clear LED indicators of protect and clip. The outputs is perfect to satisfy different user by both screw post of SPEAKON connector. Maximum power reaches 1000W / 1500W in bridged mode.

Supreme designed amplifier circuit with excellent protection of soft start, limiter and short-circuit. Three level of audio filter allows quality signal reproduction restored as original. The strong and noise-free cooling sink is special designed in high efficiency, keeps good control of temperature during work.


- Professional 2U rackmount design power amplifier;

- Reliable Class H circuit for pro audio;

- RMS power 500W x 2 at 8 ohm, 700W x 2 at 4 ohm;

- Bridged connection get 1000W power;

- SPEAKON and screw post for loudspeaker ouputs;

- Advanced amplifier design of audio filter and noise elimination;

- Full protection with soft-start, limiter, short-circuits. 


Product Name Professional Audio 2CH Power Amplifier PRA-2500
Power (8Ω) Stereo 500W x 2
Power (4Ω) Stereo
700W x 2
Power (8Ω) Bridged
Amplification Type Class H
Input Connector Phone Jack & XLR connector
Output Connector Screw post & Speakon connector
Frequency Response 20~20KHz
S/N Ratio 95 dB
Measurement / Weight 483 x 410 x 88 mm (2U height) / 21 kg

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